03 – Xmas Eve Edition

And 2021 is nearly at an end, just a few more days to go 🤞🏻 we are in the home stretch!  I was hoping that 2021 would have been better than 2020 and in some ways it was – waaay less lockdowns, less constant stress – or did we just get used to it? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Whatever the reason – it seemed to blow right on through, for me at least. It felt like it was over in barely a few hours..  I didn’t get much accomplished this past year but I did get myself in a position to start a lot of new things for 2022.. I signed up for a bunch of online classes – lessons really, through Craftsy – does that count as classes? I think so, you learn things that someone else teaches you 🤣

I moved back to my Bellisseria trailer, I tried a chalet and I tried a fantasy home but they just didn’t feel right.  Want to take a video tour? I’ve added some little things since (Moss&Mink xmas credits – I bought some things for my desk and a pretty plant for the kitchen, OH and I slightly moved the kitchen counters so the stove is in the middle instead of against the wall, it looks far better tbh) But yeah – here’s the idea:

And here’s a glorious pic-dump of all the holiday themed photos I’ve taken so far..

Real talk though – wherever you are, whoever you are or aren’t with, whatever you’re doing – try to have a happy weekend, or at least restful. I know this past year has been hard. I make light of it an awful lot but yeah, I’ve shed my share of tears and y’all probably have too. Just please know that you are so not alone, you don’t have to reach out but I want you to know that you can! Take time to breathe, let yourself settle, let go some of the tension that’s made your neck and your jaw hurt if it has (I know mine has) just take a few hours to simply be. You’re doing great because you made it, okay? And I’m right here with you whether you realize it or not. You got this – WE got this 💞

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