02 – Happy (belated) Birthday Ms Shaedy..

I know, I haven’t been around in foreverrrr… I meant to come back and post on my 11th RezDay (plus my First Life birthday – November 23rd) but I just got First Life sick and it was pretty bad for a few weeks! The important thing is I’m better now and I’m catching up on my other stuff as we speak! Anyhow, This was my birthday shot – I take one every year when I can ☺ I’ve been doing bit and pieces in the store, I’ve been working on First Life projects that will likely enhance Second Life projects in the near future. I’ve signed up for a few courses in the arts (specifically writing and drawing) and I’ve finally FINALLY gotten a copy of ClipStudio Paint which I have been frothing over for months.

I’m going to try to have a holiday release and gift ready for the store too.. I know if I want to maintain a presence it needs to be bigger and fuller and more advertised and whatnot but honestly? I’m just doing it because I love making little things when I have the time – if I pushed myself then it would become a chore and I’d start to hate it. That’s kinda how I got turned so upside down when I was still blogging for stores – I loved doing it but I also lost mojo and burned out after a while. Some folks just aren’t able to manage that kind of deadline blogging and catalogue style modelling. It eats holes in your creativity if you’re not super energetic and always on.  Just like this blogging – it’s now and then, when I feel like it and not because I’m going to be released if I don’t 🤣

Have you been to the Holiday Ed.  Pride @ Home event yet? GO! There are SO many quality gifts up at the expo and the hop & shop mainstore items are pretty much ALL killer good!  So yeah. I 💞 y’all, you’re beautiful 🥰😘 Be safe and holly jolly and all that jazz!

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